40" Waterproof Saucer Indoor/Outdoor Round Mat Tree Swing w/Reversible Design

by costzon
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Type: Play Swings
Color - Camo Green + Multicolor
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  • All-Year-Round Fun & Versatile Uses: This 40" saucer tree swing is a funny outdoor and indoor activity for children of any age, providing a perfect space to play, read, listen to music, daydream, relax, and enjoy a happy time with friends. Besides, it can be the perfect addition to your backyard, park, playground, and home.
  • Sweet Reversible & Protable Design: Our round tree swing can be reversed through the round plastic ring in a second, which can be used as two swings in terms of color, so that your kids have 2 choices of the seating surface. It can meet the different needs of children. In addition, the lightweight and portable design allow for easy storage and transportation.
  • Sturdy Construction: Constructed of 4 heavy-duty galvanized tubes with padded foam, the body of the tree swing provides a comfortable entertainment place and ensures excellent stability and durability in the meantime. In addition, the saucer swing can load up to 330 lbs thanks to the multiple-strand ropes and strong connection.
  • Premium & Safe Materials: The round swing is built out of high-quality 600D materials that are non-toxic, weather-resistant, waterproof, wear-resistant, and tear-resistant, ensuring safe outdoor use. More than that, the jumping cloth is made of high-resilient and breathable PP materials, ensuring a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Customized Design: The flying saucer swing has multiple ways to connect: 1-point hanging to swing back and forth, 2-point hanging to rotate 360 degrees. Furthermore, you can attach the swing to a swing frame set or a tree, and the height can be adjustable to meet different needs.

Product Description:
Enjoy Year-Round Fun with Kids!
Our 40" large saucer swing can be attached to a tree or a swing set which can not only allow for enjoying outdoor activities with friends but also indoor playing, sleeping, reading, and daydreaming. More than that, the swing can load up to 330 lbs so that kids and parents can play together. And thanks to the foam-padded galvanized tubes, the swing can give you good protection while providing a comfortable seating area. Besides, the body of the swing is crafted with premium 600D oxford fabric and PP jumping cloth, which is characterized by excellent weather resistance and wear resistance, ensuring long-term uses. And you can use 2 sides of the tree swing on account of the convenient reversible design. In addition, the round swing is easy to assemble and adjust the height to meet your multiple needs!

There are 2 choices of seating surfaces allowing you to choose
Easy to reverse through the round plastic rings in a second
The height can be easily adjusted and the maximum height is 63"
Features multiple connecting ways: 1-point hanging, 2-point hanging
Waterproof and weather-resistant, allows for all-year-round outdoor use
Made of thickened 600D oxford fabric, wear-resistant, tear-resistant
The jumping cloth is made of PP materials, breathable, high-resilient
The 4 galvanized tubes with padded foam are durable, safe, and soft
Multiple-strand ropes and strong connections ensure large weight capacity
Suitable for backyard, home, park, playground, the perfect gift for kids


Color: Blue + Multicolor
Material: Galvanized Tube, EPE Foam, 600D Oxford Fabric, PP
Overall Dimensions: 40?????鎼????瀹??闂寸绾惧綊?褰?瀵?缁炬儳?????鐎靛壊??缂佺偓?褏????鍏尖拻?闈?鍙壭滅紓????宕?婵?瀵???灏??????婢?婵″樊?鍓??????銈?瀹?閿?鐎?婵???濠㈣泛??娲????缁??鍙夌洴楠?缂?濡厧?閬???????鍐查叄??妞??锛?????鎻掆挃婵炴彃????????缁€??杞扮劍??鐎?????婵???濮樿京???濞????绋????鐎??銏???閿????????濠?鑺ッ?鎶?鑺?銏♀拺????瀹??鍝?铏?鍓у垝缂??锝?????浠?????鍐?浣??鍫??瀵??濠???濞??閿??缁????銉﹁癁?璇?鐣?鈺呫€佸Δ???妞???缁€??闈??濡?缂??褏??妞??鈺?缂??????璇插???????????????骞?銉??缂?鐎???闊??鏉?鐟扳攽???鍐?濞??锟?????锛?????鎶?闈?銊??鐎?濮??锟??濮?娴???娴e憡??婵炲眰?銈呭瀭婵炲樊?????鐟?绋啃ョ痪鎯с偢????鎼粹€茶埅?绋??鐢??濞??????銏??缂?娴d粙鍝???鍨??鐑?宕?鍏???鍝?鈺???鐠囨彃?鈺???瀹曚即??????閿??锟??閿?濞堛劑????????濡?瀵煡??????鍝?銉??妤?濡?缁????宕?瀛樻叏婵?濞咃綁?椋?璇??鐑???锝????鍝????婵??????骞?銉??????婵????楣???鍏??婵??鈾€????濞?鐎?缂??鈹??????濞层倗娑????鐟??鍏兼叏???陇?濞????鎼???????銉э紱?瑙???褍螞濮???濠㈣泛????婵?x 63?????鎼????瀹??闂寸绾惧綊?褰?瀵?缁炬儳?????鐎靛壊??缂佺偓?褏????鍏尖拻?闈?鍙壭滅紓????宕?婵?瀵???灏??????婢?婵″樊?鍓??????銈?瀹?閿?鐎?婵???濠㈣泛??娲????缁??鍙夌洴楠?缂?濡厧?閬???????鍐查叄??妞??锛?????鎻掆挃婵炴彃????????缁€??杞扮劍??鐎?????婵???濮樿京???濞????绋????鐎??銏???閿????????濠?鑺ッ?鎶?鑺?銏♀拺????瀹??鍝?铏?鍓у垝缂??锝?????浠?????鍐?浣??鍫??瀵??濠???濞??閿??缁????銉﹁癁?璇?鐣?鈺呫€佸Δ???妞???缁€??闈??濡?缂??褏??妞??鈺?缂??????璇插???????????????骞?銉??缂?鐎???闊??鏉?鐟扳攽???鍐?濞??锟?????锛?????鎶?闈?銊??鐎?濮??锟??濮?娴???娴e憡??婵炲眰?銈呭瀭婵炲樊?????鐟?绋啃ョ痪鎯с偢????鎼粹€茶埅?绋??鐢??濞??????銏??缂?娴d粙鍝???鍨??鐑?宕?鍏???鍝?鈺???鐠囨彃?鈺???瀹曚即??????閿??锟??閿?濞堛劑????????濡?瀵煡??????鍝?銉??妤?濡?缁????宕?瀛樻叏婵?濞咃綁?椋?璇??鐑???锝????鍝????婵??????骞?銉??????婵????楣???鍏??婵??鈾€????濞?鐎?缂??鈹??????濞层倗娑????鐟??鍏兼叏???陇?濞????鎼???????銉э紱?瑙???褍螞濮???濠㈣泛????婵?in
Jumping Cloth Diameter: 31"
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
Net Weight: 6.5 lbs

Package Included:
1 x Saucer Tree Swing
1 x User's Manual

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