Baby Playpen, Kids 14 Panel Safety Play Yard Activity Center(Frog Patten)

by costzon
Note: Baby walkers and strollers are not available in Canada. Canada bans the sale of baby strollers and walkers. All orders are processed in USD, using the latest exchange rates.
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We prepared this children's playpen for you. Made from safe and durable HDPE materials, our playpens will not harm your baby's health. The safety lock on the door prevents the baby from fleeing. The non-slip rubber suction cup at the bottom of the panel makes it difficult to tip over and move. The toys on the toy panel are not only interesting but also educational, making them ideal for baby learning and exploration. You can install it in any ideal place so you have time to do housework or relax. Our children's playpen will be your best choice!

Safe and durable HDPE material ensures your baby's safety
Non-slip rubber mat makes the fence less prone to displacement
Safety lock on the outside of the door prevents the child from opening the door
Cute toys on the toy board attract the attention of the child
Big Frog Mouth on backside of the door is great for storage, such as baby bottles, picture books, small toys, etc
Combine panels into the desired shape according to your needs
Breaks down into 14 panels for easy storage
Provide enough space for your baby
Multiple purpose, designed for indoor and outdoor use, can be used as Play pen, Play yard, Room divider, Stair gate, etc
ASTM certification guarantees quality and safety

Color: Pink, off-white, gray
Material: HDPE
Small Fence Size: 24.5'' x 16.5'' x 1.5''
Gate fence Size: 26.5'' x 30''
Game Fence Size: 24.5'' x 23''
Product Weight: 29.5lbs
Thickness: 1.5?????鎼????瀹??闂寸绾惧綊?褰?瀵?缁炬儳?????鐎靛壊??缂佺偓?褏????鍏尖拻?闈?鍙壭滅紓????宕?婵?瀵???灏??????婢?婵″樊?鍓??????銈?瀹?閿?鐎?婵??銏??鐏??濠?璇查叄濞佳勭珶婵?鍗辨い??褏锛?缁?闈??????缁?鐎广儱??闊??娈?纰?鐑???銈????銊?浠??鐠囨煡?锝?浣?缁?濠??鏂??????閿???缂?????濞?瀹????鈺冿紳?骞?銉????????濞堝灝??妞??钘?????缁€???韫?????娴?濮婅櫣???銉??濠?娴e啿???璺衡攽?韫抗??婢????鍛????缁辨煡??娴h櫣甯??閿?瀹?婵??宕??闈??濞层劎澹????楠炲灝?閬?閿????妞?????婵?????濡炪値????鐎???楠?妞??鐢??濠??闈浶???钘夎Е??鐎???婵炶揪???妞?濠?缁???????????濠㈣泛?鐐??闈?婵兘???缁???濞???濡炪値??濞?鐎??銈??鐎广儱???娲??????缂??瀛?鍫???锛???鍛???锟????????????濡炪們?鈽呰€垮┑????鎸?鐎?妤??鐗堚拺????缁犳娊?绋??缁???????濠㈣?濞咃綁?褜??缁??褍霉濠?缁????锛??濠?????缂?娴f彃????閿?????濞?闇???銊??婵犳?鑲┬?褜????婵炲弶?褏?鐑??????鑲╄ˉ?楣????缁??骞?銉??銊??缁?????瀹??瑙??鐢??璇查叄楠??瀛????????鍫曗€?銉???鈩?缁犳煡?鎼????濞堥箖????濞层垽?銊??缁?????瀹勬壋??婵???????缁嬫???鐟??瀵????鑲╋紲濠???????瀵?婵?????婵犵??????閿?鍗卞┑??????鍏???鑼?鐎??銊??鈹???瑙?銊??鐎??纰???褜??缁絽??鈾€???鍛??杈?锟??????濠⒀?瀹??鐑??绾惧吋淇????濞?濠?濮婃椽??婵?婵??鍝??缁?鐎??锛??锝???娲??娓???缂????鐢?鈩?鑲?鎯归敐??璺?????????鎴??鍝???濞?閿??锝?鎹愭硾??缂?缂?缁?婵??銊??婵?韫囷絾袩??娴g懓???鏉堚晜?????????鍦???鑽?????濠????????鈺?銈??瑙???銉???????銈?鍧???璇参ュù锝????瀹曘劑??鎻捫曞┑锛??????????濮樼厧??缂???瀵??閭???????鎻??缂佽??????鐢碉紲?缁?璇??閿???锝???濠??濡炪們?鈽呰€垮┑????鍐????婵???缁???濞???濠碉紕???褏锛?鐟?褏甯???鐓?婵烇綆???娲?鍝?椋???濞戙垺?鈺???褉?????钘?鑽??璇?婵???鐎?婵犮垼娉???褜??????濡??????鐓?婵???鐎??銊??????鈺????鎼粹€?婵炲瓨?缁?????瀹曞爼??閿??????鈺冩偧?铏?璇???杈惧瘜??濠???缁?缂??灏??妞?绾攱?缁樹繆?鎵?妤?婵??????????婵?濡?鐑?鎼?銊?锝?骞????婵????浼??濠?缁???妤?楠??鎭?褍??????????鐏炵偓?銊?銉?锝??????缁€??鎸???钘??濞???????閿?婵犳?鏂や緵??濞?濡????灏???绋挎湰?褔藝閿???缁炬澘??娴???????闊?鐎????銏犲瀭??濞?缁犲墽?鐟?鎻??缂併劌??锝?鎯??缁€??鍝????褜???鎼佲€???鈺?娴e搫?????钘壩?闂寸缁?濠德???????銉?缂??????鑹版硾?濠?????鍫曗€?銏?鍗灻??绾惧潡?姹?銏?????鍝??瀵?鍨???绋挎捣?????锛???锝??娴???缂??鎼???銈??鎯??婵潙霉?宸???鐣?鍛?锝?????锝?绋?????閬?鍦??濠?缂??鑺??????閿??鍝?宕??妤?婵?瀵粙??闈?鎼????????濠?濞嗐垺瀵肩€???婵炶揪????銈????婵???濞?濡炪們?锛?鈺??娴??????闈涚倞??娴e憡??缂?娓?瀹曘垽?闂寸?鍨亜??閿??锝???锝??韫?缁??鍝勮嫰濞???????妞????缁?璇参?鍝???娲???鈺??????濠碉紕??????濞戙垺?鈺?棰佺劍????濞堝灝????閿???婵°倕??缁€?濡炪倖???鎼???銉︹拻濞达絽????濠?鐏??钘??濠???????缁?婵犲痉鏉???鍐??瀵?褜??濮婃椽??濞?缁??閫???缁剧虎??鐎佃偐??鐟欙絾?鑺ャ亜????濮?濮?缁?????缁?濡??鑼????????纰???浠??娴e憡璐????瀹曞綊???????鎸?濞层劎澹曟禒???????婢??閫????鑺???????缁狙?鐟??濞?缂????銏?娣?銉?锝?缁?鍏?鎼??瑜??锝?杈????绋块叄娴滄儼??濡炪倖????缂?????鐟???濞??????鍢壯?绯??閿??濡?濮婅櫣?濞嗘儳???鍝?宕??鐎??銏?濂??????????缁?婵$嫏?楠?婵炲樊?????缁?鎸???鍐????婵???婢ф壆??鑲??鐎?濮???濠㈣泛?銉????娴e憡??婵炲眰???婵°倐???銈?闈??濞???濠???鐟????濂????鐟????鍛?銊??濠???缁?婵??????绋?缁?妤???濡捐京??宕??钘???妞???缂佹彃銈稿缁樻媴鐟????绋垮濡炰粙??濮?楠?婵°倐???鍗????濠㈣泛???銈?鎸???婵??瑙?鎾???銈?銊???濞?????缁?妞?濠???妞??????鍝?鈺??缂佸墎?鐑??妞?閿?缁?婵犳?鑲┬g紒??
Activity Board: Rotatable little frog, press frog and 3 little tadpoles make BB sound, movable purple lotus leaf
Applicable Age: 3 Months - 6 Years Old

Package includes:
12 x Small Fence
1 x Door Fence
1 x Game Fence
14 x Rubber Suction Cup
1 x Instruction

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