Costzon 16芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?Kids Drum Set, 5-Piece Full Size Complete Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne

by costzon
Type: Toys & Games
Color - Blue
  • 5-piece Instrument Set: A 10芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?crash cymbal, an 8芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 7芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?tom drum, a 10芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 7芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?tom drum, a 12芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 10.5芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?floor tom, a 10芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 6芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?snare, a 16芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 13芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?bass drum and an 8芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?Hi-Hat. We also throw in 2 solid wood drum sticks, a bass drum pedal and an upholstered drummer seat for compliment. it also comes with a 3-height adjustable cushioned drummer seat for better sitting experience.
  • Junior Drum Set for Novice & Professional: This drum set is advocated for kids over 3 to 12 years old to have their first musical enlightenment and also for advanced training. It offers all the things that a little musician needs to get off to a good start, committed to helping kids adapt to the music learning in the early stage.
  • Great Drum Material for Great Sound: The drums have a 9-layer poplar shell to deliver a more energetic sound. Providing a larger and deeper resonance chamber, a strengthened drum cavity is able to make the overtones diffuse slowly and enhance the tone. Besides, the premium drum skins with larger tension and vibration also help achieve an ultimate acoustic experience.
  • Durable Electroplated Framework: The drum lugs and the stands are all made of electroplated steel to ensure no rust, more wear-resistance for lasting quality. And the stainless steel cymbal makes a crisp and bright sound while being able to endure daily training.
  • High Gloss Appearance & Easy Installation: Featuring a high gloss and shiny outlook, this drum set will make a great stage instrument as well as a musical instrument collection in your home. A compact size can fit into any corner of your room. Some simple assembly is required with detailed manual guidance.

Start your little jazzman鈥檚 dream from our kids芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?drum set.
This percussion instrument set is manufactured with top components. The drums have 9-layer hardwood shells with premium drum skin to play a beautiful drumbeat. And the cymbal, which is forged by stainless steel, shows a crisp and clear sound. Including 2 toms, a floor, a bass, a snare, a Hi-Hat and a cymbal, this drum set has everything you need to encourage your little drummer. It is suitable for starters who just show interest in music or the promising young drummers as well. The strong electroplated drum lungs and stands hold the instruments sturdily. And this set comes with 2 hardwood drumsticks, a bass pedal, and a height-adjustable seat. Besides, this drum set has a high gloss finish, which will look fantastic on a stage or in your home.

5-piece drum set includes floor, toms, snare, bass, Hi-Hat and cymbal
9-layer poplar wood drum cavity ensures an enhanced resonance chamber for great sound
Premium drum skins with large tension radiate a warm tonality
Kids芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?size drum set is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.
Musical accessories include 2 solid wood drum sticks, a bass drum pedal & 3-height seat
The frame has been electroplated to avoid rust and wear
The cymbal is made of stainless steel for crisp percussion
Easy to assemble with detailed instruction

Color: Blue, Black
Material: Poplar Wood, Electroplated Steel, Leather, Stainless Steel
Straight Cymbal: 10芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?
Tom Drum: 8芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 7芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?(W x D)
Tom Drum: 10芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 7 (W x D)
Floor Tom: 12芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 10.5芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?(W x D)
Bass Drum: 16芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 13芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?(W x D)
Snare Drum: 10芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 6芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?(W x D)
Hi-Hat Cymbal: 8芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?
Seat Dimension: 13芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 13芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?x 12.5芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?15芒芒芒芒芒芒鈥?(L x W x H)
Seat Maximum Weight: 133 lbs
Net Weight: 37.5 lbs
Suitable Age: 3-12 Years Old

Package includes:
1 x 5-Piece Drum Set
1 x Instruction