40'' Spider Web Tree Swing Set

by costzon
Type: Toys
Color - Blue

Our 40'' spider web tree swing will bring much pleasure to your family! Made with a sturdy steel frame and thick ropes, this swing will have your kids playing for hours on end. It is built to withstand 330 lbs of static weight and features a round base with soft sponge that will last. And you can freely adjust the height of the ropes to meet different needs. It can be easily connected to trees or swing hangers. Your kids can safely sit, lie down, play, read and chat on the swing. This pleasing appearance and practical application will definitely satisfy your needs. It is the best gift for your kids!

Provides a fun hang out space for kids to safely spin or swing into action during playtime
Thick ropes and sturdy steel frame ensure great load-bearing capacity
Galvanized pipes are wrapped with premium sponge for maximum comfort
Adjustable heights to satisfy various needs
Easy to install, disassemble and store, saving you time and effort
Perfect lounging space to play, read, listen to music, daydream and relax
Long life with anti-aging feature, soft, ductile and wearable
Large enough for multiple kids to swing and play together
Resilient and resistant to all types of weather

Color: Blue+Black
Material: Galvanized Pipe, Sponge, PE Rope
Diameter: 40鈥櫭⑩偓?
Adjustable Height: 40鈥櫭⑩偓?- 63鈥櫭⑩偓?
Net Weight: 7 lbs
Max Capacity: 330 lbs (Static), 220lbs (Dynamic)