550lbs Swing Frame Stand with 60'' Platform Swing (Swing Frame with Platform Swing)

by costzon
Note: Baby walkers and strollers are not available in Canada. Canada bans the sale of baby strollers and walkers. All orders are processed in USD, using the latest exchange rates.
Type: Play Swings
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  • Sturdy Materials & Metal Stand: Made of PP jumping cloth and Oxford cloth, this swing is breathable and comfortable. The swing stand is made of rust-resistant and weather-resistant iron tubes, which is sturdy and durable. Moreover, the A-frame of this swing stand with 4 Ground Stake is to provide extra stability and safety.
  • Adjustable Hanging Ropes: The height of this platform saucer swing can be adjusted between 40??and 71?? which can meet different people?????閹????鐎??闂傚顦︾痪鎯х秺?瑜?鐎?缂佺偓鍎?????閻庨潧澹??缂備胶鍋?瑜????閸忓皷鎷?闂?閸欏-婊呯磽????瀹?濠?鐎殿喖顭???鐏??????濠?濠碘€虫▕?閸??????閵?鐎?闁?閻?濠???婵犮垼娉??濞????缂??閸欏娲存?缂?婵☆垳鍘?闁???????閸愭煡鍙??濡??閿?????閹绘巻鎸冨┑鐐村絻????????缂佲偓??鏉炴壆鍔??閻?????濠???婵浜???婵????缁????閻??閵???闁????????婵?閼恒儍?閹?閼?閵忊檧鎷????鐎??閸?閾?閸撗冨灊缂??閿?????娴?????閸?娴??閸??鐎??婵???婵??闁??缂????閵夛箒鐧?鐠?閻?閳哄懌鈧礁螖???濡???缂佲偓??闂??婵?缂??瑜??濡??閳?缂??????鐠囨彃顒???????????????楠?閵??缂?閻???闂??閺?閻熸壋鏀???閸?婵??閿?????閿?????閹?闂?閵??閻?婵??閿??婵?濞???濞达絽鎲??濠电偛鐪?閵堝懎鐎┑鐐叉▕????needs. Besides, this frame stand up to 550 lbs high weight capacity and the platform swing up to 700 lbs weight capacity, meets most of your needs and provides a safe playing environment for any kid!
  • Spacious Swing Frame: The spacious swing frame provides a large swing space for the swing. The tree swing is made of heavy-duty galvanized pipe, PP jump mat and premium 900D oxford cloth, which extends its service time for several years. Moreover, soft foam is wrapped around the steel pipe to prevent impact and make you feel more comfortable.
  • All Weather Resistance: Constructed with heavy duty iron tubes which is painted with anti-rust finish, our swing frame has excellent rustproof and weather-resistant ability. No matter it?????閹????鐎??闂傚顦︾痪鎯х秺?瑜?鐎?缂佺偓鍎?????閻庨潧澹??缂備胶鍋?瑜????閸忓皷鎷?闂?閸欏-婊呯磽????瀹?濠?鐎殿喖顭???鐏??????濠?濠碘€虫▕?閸??????閵?鐎?闁?閻?濠???婵犮垼娉??濞????缂??閸欏娲存?缂?婵☆垳鍘?闁???????閸愭煡鍙??濡??閿?????閹绘巻鎸冨┑鐐村絻????????缂佲偓??鏉炴壆鍔??閻?????濠???婵浜???婵????缁????閻??閵???闁????????婵?閼恒儍?閹?閼?閵忊檧鎷????鐎??閸?閾?閸撗冨灊缂??閿?????娴?????閸?娴??閸??鐎??婵???婵??闁??缂????閵夛箒鐧?鐠?閻?閳哄懌鈧礁螖???濡???缂佲偓??闂??婵?缂??瑜??濡??閳?缂??????鐠囨彃顒???????????????楠?閵??缂?閻???闂??閺?閻熸壋鏀???閸?婵??閿?????閿?????閹?闂?閵??閻?婵??閿??婵?濞???濞达絽鎲??濠电偛鐪?閵堝懎鐎┑鐐叉▕????winter or summer, the stand can resist all weather conditions. Therefore, you can enjoy your leisure time with this super durable swing stand outdoors.
  • Easy Assembly: All accessories and tools are included in the package. Just follow the installation guidance step by step, and you will finish the assembly without problems! This swing frame is suitable to set in the backyard, garden, lawn, kindergarten, playground and lakeside,etc.

Do you want to have an wonderful outdoor activity center for your kids? Our saucer swing set combo will be a great choice to you. This saucer swing set includes 1 swing stand and 1 giant saucer swing, which is suitable for backyard, playground, park, etc. The A-frame is made of iron, up to 550 lbs high weight capacity which gives strong support. What is more, 40" saucer swing provides enough space for kids and adults, which can create happy childhood memories for your kids and family. Equipped with 4 foot nails, it can be easily installed and provide extra stability. Besides, if you not only plan to use it on grass, please be prepared to dig and cement. Moreover, you can easily take the swing seat down, and attach any other types of swings you have to our swing set. Just try, and this saucer swing set will be the highlight in your home!

A-frame metal stand gives extra stability
Rust-resistant and weather-resistant iron tubes is sturdy and durable
Adjustable height between 40" and 71" can meet personalized needs
Sturdy galvanized steel pipes of the swing covered by foam prevent knocking
Wear resistant fabric is weather resistant and can for handle years of outdoor use
Large weight capacity up to 700 lbs is suitable for kids and adults
60" seating area allows kids to play together
4 floor nails can hold the swing stand more firmly
Easy to assemble, saving your time and energy


swing stand
swing frame
swing stand
metal swing frame
swing frame

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