BABY JOY 5-in-1 Pack and Play, Baby Bedside Sleeper with Bassinet, Multifunction Baby Playard

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by costzon
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Color - Coffee
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Iron Pipe + Oxford + Mesh
婵犵數濮烽。钘壩i崨鏉戠;闁规崘娉涚欢銈吤归悩宸剰闁汇値鍠楅妵鍕箛閸撲胶鏆犵紓浣哄缂嶄線寮诲☉婊庢Ъ濡炪們鍔屽Λ婵嬪箖闄囩粻娑樷槈濞嗘垵骞堥梻浣规灱閺呮盯宕i崶褜娼╅悹楦挎閿涙盯姊虹憴鍕姢妞ゆ洦鍘惧褔鍩€椤掆偓椤啴濡堕崘銊㈠亾閺囩儑鑰?JOY 5-in-1 Bed Side Sleeper闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹妞嬪孩顐芥慨姗嗗墻閻掔晫鎲稿鍫罕婵犵數鍋涘Λ娆撳箰閹间焦鍎楁俊銈呮噺閻撴洟鏌熼悜妯荤叆闁汇劎骞?pack and play could provide a comfortable resting place for your cute baby, or daily activities and care. It can be used in a variety of ways, so they can accompany the growth of the baby. They can be used as baby bedside sleeper, travel crib, oversized U-shaped changing diaper table comes with a safety belt, baby rock bassinet and playpens, and are ideal tools to reduce the burden on mothers.(Suitable Mattress Pad's Size: 38''x26'')
婵犵數濮烽。钘壩i崨鏉戠;闁规崘娉涚欢銈吤归悩宸剰闁汇値鍣i弻鏇熺箾閻愵剚鐝旂紒鎯у⒔缁垶骞堥妸銉富閻犲洩寮撴竟鏇㈡⒒?-in-1 Design w/Guardrail & Safety Strap闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹妞嬪孩顐芥慨姗嗗墻閻掔晫鎲稿鍫罕婵犵數鍋涘Λ娆撳箰閹间礁纾奸柕濞у懐锛滈梺缁樕戣ぐ鍐€?nursery center not only can be used as a playard, but also as a co-sleeping bed. By putting down the side guardrail, you can get a baby bedside sleeper. The attached safety strap can be connected to your bed for increasing stability. This function could keep your baby really close and sleep safe and sound.
婵犵數濮烽。钘壩i崨鏉戠;闁规崘娉涚欢銈吤归悩宸剰闁汇値鍠楅妵鍕冀閵娿儺妫滈梺绋款儐閹瑰洤鐣疯ぐ鎺濇晝妞ゆ帒鍟犻崑鎾诲锤濡や胶鍘搁柣蹇曞仧閸嬫挾绮堢€n兘鍋撶憴鍕鐎规洦鍓濋悘鎺楁倵閻熸澘顏い锝忛檮缁旂喖寮撮悙鈺傛杸濡炪倖姊婚弲顐ょ不濡绻嗛柣鎰緲閻楁ate Detail Design with Side Zipper闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹妞嬪孩顐芥慨姗嗗墻閻掔晫鎲稿鍫罕婵犵數鍋涘Λ娆撳箰閹间焦鍎楁俊銈呮噺閻撴洟鏌ㄥ┑鍡樺櫣闁告梹顒?the playard used as a baby playpen, the zipper-style entrance and exit design on the side makes it more easier for babies to enter and exit. In addition,both sides of our crib are equipped with mesh design, which is convenient for you to follow the situation inside the baby in real time. This baby crib is stable enough for babies from 0-36 months old.
婵犵數濮烽。钘壩i崨鏉戠;闁规崘娉涚欢銈吤归悩宸剰闁汇値鍠楅妵鍕冀閵娿儺妫滈梺绋款儐閹瑰洭骞冩禒瀣拹闁归偊鍘奸弸銈夋⒒娴e憡鎯堥柡鍫墮鐓ら柣鏃堫棑閺嗭箓鏌涘Δ鍐ㄢ偓锝夋偄妞嬪孩娈濇俊顐︻暒缁€渚€藟濮樿埖鈷掑ù锝囩摂閸ゅ啴鏌涘Ο鎭掑仮闁靛棗鎳愬褏鍠婄缓顤le & Foldable Design闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹妞嬪孩顐芥慨姗嗗墻閻掔晫鎲稿鍫罕婵犵數鍋涘Λ娆撳箰閹间焦鍎楁俊銈呮噺閻撴洟鏌熼悜妯荤叆闁?Diaper racks, shelves, and bassinet can be easily removed from the baby playard. And the basic bed can be quickly folded up without extra tools. Equipped with a handbag helps you store the folded crib and provides a place for your baby to sleep when you go out to visit relatives or travel.
婵犵數濮烽。钘壩i崨鏉戠;闁规崘娉涚欢銈吤归悩宸剰闁汇値鍠楅妵鍕箛閸洘顎嶉梺绋块閿曘儳鎹㈠☉姗嗗晠妞ゆ棁宕甸崙褰掓⒑缂佹ɑ灏紒缁橈耿瀵鈽夐姀鐘靛姶闂佺楠忛梽鍕暆缁嬭法鏆﹂柟杈剧畱缁犲鏌涢妸锔锯槈濞存粓绠栭弻娑㈡晜鐠囨彃绠虹紓浣哄Х濡炲垾nient & Flexible Babysitting闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹妞嬪孩顐芥慨姗嗗墻閻掔晫鎲稿鍫罕婵犵數鍋涘Λ娆撳箰閹间焦鍎楁俊銈呮噺閻撴洟鏌熼悜妯荤叆闁汇劎鍔媏 are two universal wheels with brakes at the bottom of the baby playard so that it can move flexibly. The 3 different hanging toys attract the baby's attention, not only promoting the baby's visual development but also improving the grasping ability, and make them fall asleep. In addition, the shelf hanging on the side is convenient for storing various baby necessities.


Our multifunctional baby playpens help provide a safe and comfortable place for your babies to play or sleep. The baby beside sleeper bed has many features that you can use as baby bedside sleeper, travel crib, changing diaper table, baby cradle and playpens. And this playard comforts your infant can be easily moved from room to room. There are three cute toys and music box that can attract children's attention and arouse their curiosity. In addition, the breathable mesh allows you to check whether your baby is sleeping safely and peacefully and to ensure smooth air circulation. Our baby playard is designed to grow with your baby.

Lifting guardrail provides better visibility
Zipper door makes it easier for your baby to enter and exit
Changing station with safety belt helps mother to change diaper easily
2 flexible wheels with brakes for moving conveniently and safely
Offers cozy lying experience and creates a playard with removable mattress
ASTM and CPSIA certification ensures high quality
Side storage pockets help store baby necessities
Scientific 7-point load-bearing structure improves overall stability
Breathable fabrics promote airflow to create a cooler space for baby

Color: Coffee, Grey, Beige
Material: Iron pipe + Oxford + Mesh
Product Dimension: 39.5" x 27.5" x 47.5" (L x W x H)
Diaper Table Size: 26" x 17.5" x 5" (L x W x H)
Carrying Bag Size: 9" x 9" x 30.5" (L x W x H)
Baby Bassinet Weight Capacity: 20 LBS
Activity Center Weight Capacity: 33 LBS
Diaper Table Weight Capacity: 20 LBS
Applicable Age of Activity Center: 0-36 Months
Applicable Age of Diaper Table: 0-6 Months
Applicable Age of Second Layer: 0-6 Months
Product Weight: 23 lbs

Package includes:
1 x Basic Playpen

1 x Diaper Table
1 x Second Layer
1 x Storage Shelf
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Introduction

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