Costzon Children's Corner Cabinet with 6 Cubes and 3 Shelves

by costzon
Note: Baby walkers and strollers are not available in Canada. Canada bans the sale of baby strollers and walkers. All orders are processed in USD, using the latest exchange rates.
Color - White
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濠电姷鏁告慨鐑姐€傞挊澹╋綁宕ㄩ弶鎴狅紱闂佽宕樺▔娑氭閵堝悿褰掓偐瀹割喖鍓伴梺鍏肩摃椤濡甸崟顖氱闁告鍋熸禒楣冩⒑閸濆嫭鍣虹紒璇茬墦瀵鈽夊顐e媰缂傚倷闄嶉崹鐟扳枔婵傚憡鈷戦梻鍫熶緱濡叉挳鏌¢崨顔剧煉闁诡喒鈧枼鏋庨柟鎵虫櫃缁ㄥ姊洪崷顓炲妺闁搞劌鐏氱粋宥夋倷鐎靛摜顔曢梺绋跨箰閸氬寮 ?Application Storage Organization闂? This multi-bin storage organization is perfect for your family. The stylish appearance and elegant storage cabinet is a great decoration for your modern room, blending well with any style. The height for this storage design is ergonomic and thoughtfully designed for Children. It will be accessible to put the toys or books on the top shelf by themselves.
濠电姷鏁告慨鐑姐€傞挊澹╋綁宕ㄩ弶鎴狅紱闂佽宕樺▔娑氭閵堝悿褰掓偐瀹割喖鍓伴梺鍏肩摃椤濡甸崟顖氱闁告鍋熸禒楣冩⒑閸濆嫭鍣虹紒璇茬墦瀵鈽夊顐e媰缂傚倷闄嶉崹鐟扳枔婵傚憡鈷戦梻鍫熶緱濡叉挳鏌¢崨顔剧煉闁诡喒鈧枼鏋庨柟鎵虫櫃缁ㄥ姊洪崷顓炲妺闁搞劎鏁婚崺鈧い鎺嗗亾婵犫偓鏉堚晛鍨濆┑鐘崇閸庢棃鏌熼鐐寸秺-saving for Corner闂? This triangle cabinet is the best solution for any room corner with the compact floor area, saving much of room space. The combination of squares and triangles makes full use of the space and keeps a fan-shaped border for safety. While scientific 37闂?height ensures easy reach for kids to use.
濠电姷鏁告慨鐑姐€傞挊澹╋綁宕ㄩ弶鎴狅紱闂佽宕樺▔娑氭閵堝悿褰掓偐瀹割喖鍓伴梺鍏肩摃椤濡甸崟顖氱闁告鍋熸禒楣冩⒑閸濆嫭鍣虹紒璇茬墦瀵鈽夊顐e媰缂傚倷闄嶉崹鐟扳枔婵傚憡鈷戦梻鍫熶緱濡叉挳鏌¢崨顔剧煉闁诡喒鈧枼鏋庨柟鎵虫櫃缁ㄥ姊洪崷顓炲妺闁搞劎鏁婚崺鈧い鎺戝€归崵鈧梺浼欑秮椤ユ捇鍩€椤掑喚娼愰柡鈧粚鎶瞞 Material闂? The whole cabinet is constructed of strong MDF material to keep your items for a long time. The top board can hold up to 110lbs while each cubes of 20lbs. Raised bottom features with 3 inch height, making it more stable and keeping your items away from water.
濠电姷鏁告慨鐑姐€傞挊澹╋綁宕ㄩ弶鎴狅紱闂佽宕樺▔娑氭閵堝悿褰掓偐瀹割喖鍓伴梺鍏肩摃椤濡甸崟顖氱闁告鍋熸禒楣冩⒑閸濆嫭鍣虹紒璇茬墦瀵鈽夊顐e媰缂傚倷闄嶉崹鐟扳枔婵傚憡鈷戦梻鍫熶緱濡叉挳鏌¢崨顔剧煉闁诡喒鈧枼鏋庨柟鎵虫櫃缁ㄥ姊洪崷顓炲妺闁搞劎鏁婚崺鈧い鎺戝€归崵鈧梺浼欑秮椤ユ捇鍩€椤掑倹鍤€缂佸瞼妞俰cal Storage Solution闂? There are three storage points of this cabinet, the spacious top board, 6 different square cubes and 3 triangle shelves in the middle, providing enough space for all necessities. Featuring extra 3 folding storage baskets in different colors, it is ideal for clothes storage.
濠电姷鏁告慨鐑姐€傞挊澹╋綁宕ㄩ弶鎴狅紱闂佽宕樺▔娑氭閵堝悿褰掓偐瀹割喖鍓伴梺鍏肩摃椤濡甸崟顖氱闁告鍋熸禒楣冩⒑閸濆嫭鍣虹紒璇茬墦瀵鈽夊顐e媰缂傚倷闄嶉崹鐟扳枔婵傚憡鈷戦梻鍫熶緱濡叉挳鏌¢崨顔剧煉闁诡喒鈧枼鏋庨柟鎵虫櫃缁ㄥ姊洪悷鐗堟儓婵☆偅顨嗙粋宥夊箚瑜滃〒濠氭煏閸繃顥為柣鎾卞劜缁绘盯鎳栭埡鍌滅構enient for Cleaning & Assembly闂? Due to its smooth surface with NC paint, the cabinet is easy to clean with only wet cloth and does no harm to your family. As for the assembly, you are sure to put it together effortlessly within a short time. All the tools and detailed instruction are included.


Did you have a floor storage sideboard cabinet for your leisure area? Then look at our shelf organizer! It is the perfect choice for your room corner as it is designed in a triangle structure. You are able to store any thing you want with its capacious storage space. Besides the obvious 6 square cubes on both sides and 3 triangle shelves in the middle, it has 3 baskets with different color for additional protection. With the handle, you can easily carry it. Just feel free to put your photos, plants, books, magazines or other beautiful decorations on it, making it a great addition in your room.

Totally 6 square cubes with 3 triangle shelves for best organizing solution
Triangle structure fits well with room corner to save space
Two extra storage baskets for additional clothes protection or better organization
Scientific height suitable for kids to easily reach for what they need
Premium MDF material ensures large weight bearing for long time use
Modern design ideal for living room, bedroom, schools, etc
With environment-friendly NC paint for easy cleaning and healthy usage
Easy to assemble within tools and detailed instruction

Color: White/Grey
Material: MDF + NC Paint
Dimension:32闂?x 24闂?x 37闂?L x W x H)
Square Size: 11闂?x 11闂?L x W)
Length of Triangle Shelf: 15闂?
Raised Bottom: 3闂?
Net Weight: 55lbs
Top Board Load Bearing: 110lbs
Square Load Bearing: 20lbs
Package includes闂傚倸鍊搁崐鎼佸磹閹间礁纾归柣鎴eГ閸婂潡鏌ㄩ弮鍫熸殰闁稿鎸剧划顓炩槈濡娅ч梺娲诲幗閻熲晠寮婚悢鍏煎€绘慨妤€妫欓褰掓⒑?br>1 x Storage Cabinet
1 x User manual

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