Costzon Kids Bed, Twin Size Upholstered Children Bed Frames w/Velvet Surface & Adjustable Feet

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by costzon
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Color - Strawberry Pink

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婵犵數濮烽弫鍛婃叏閻戝鈧倿鎸婃竟鈺嬬秮瀹曘劑寮堕幋鐙呯幢闂備浇顫夊畷妯衡枖濞戞碍顐介柕鍫濇偪瑜版帗鍋愮€瑰壊鍠栭崜浼存⒑濮瑰洤鈧倝宕板Δ鍛﹂柛鏇ㄥ灠缁犳盯鏌嶆潪鎷岊唹闁稿鎸歌灃闁告侗鍠栭崜褰掓⒑缁洖澧茬紒瀣浮閹繝寮撮悢缈犵盎闂佸綊鍋婇崰鏍х摥闂備礁鎲″鍦垝閹捐钃熼柨婵嗩槸缁犺崵鈧娲栧ú銊╊敊閹烘鈷戦柛婵嗗濠€浼存煟閳哄﹤鐏︾€规洘妞藉畷鐔碱敍濮橀硸妲梻浣瑰濡礁螞閸曨垰浼犻柧蹇撳帨閸嬫挾鎲撮崟顒傤槰闂佹悶鍔屽锟犳偘椤斿槈鐔兼嚃閳哄喛绱叉繝纰樻閸ㄤ即骞栭锝囩彾閻庯綆鍋嗙弧鈧梺姹囧灲濞佳勭濠婂嫨浜滈柨鏃囶嚙閻忥妇鈧鍣崑濠傜暦閹惧嚢?& Stable Construction闂?/span>Constructed by premium wood frame in scientific angle along with high quality hardware that provides a strong and sturdy construction for ultra stability. It holds up to 440 lbs. For the sturdy construction and high quality material, this bed will provide your dear kid a comfortable sleep experience without any wobbling.
婵犵數濮烽弫鍛婃叏閻戝鈧倿鎸婃竟鈺嬬秮瀹曘劑寮堕幋鐙呯幢闂備浇顫夊畷妯衡枖濞戞碍顐介柕鍫濇偪瑜版帗鍋愮€瑰壊鍠栭崜浼存⒑濮瑰洤鈧倝宕板Δ鍛﹂柛鏇ㄥ灠缁犳盯鏌嶆潪鎷岊唹闁稿鎸歌灃闁告侗鍠栭崜褰掓⒑缁洖澧茬紒瀣浮閹繝寮撮悢缈犵盎闂佸綊鍋婇崰鏍х摥闂備礁鎲″鍦垝閹捐钃熼柨婵嗩槸缁犺崵鈧娲栧ú銊╊敊閹烘鈷戦柛婵嗗濠€浼存煟閳哄﹤鐏︾€规洘妞藉畷鐔碱敍濮橀硸妲梻浣瑰濡礁螞閸曨垰浼犻柧蹇撳帨閸嬫挾鎲撮崟顒傤槰闂佹悶鍔屽锟犳偘椤旂⒈娼ㄩ柍褜鍓熼獮濠傤煥閸噥妫冨┑鐐村灦閿氱紒鐘插级缁绘繈鎮介棃娑楁勃闂佹悶鍔忓▔娑綖韫囨梻绡€婵﹩鍓涢弻褔姊虹拠鍙夋崳闁?& Cute Design闂?This lovely-designed kids bed frame will make all dreams come true at any girls room. It is upholstered with sponge to add comfort and durability. It will be an attractive and appealing bed to let your little girls fall asleep quickly and sweetly.
婵犵數濮烽弫鍛婃叏閻戝鈧倿鎸婃竟鈺嬬秮瀹曘劑寮堕幋鐙呯幢闂備浇顫夊畷妯衡枖濞戞碍顐介柕鍫濇偪瑜版帗鍋愮€瑰壊鍠栭崜浼存⒑濮瑰洤鈧倝宕板Δ鍛﹂柛鏇ㄥ灠缁犳盯鏌嶆潪鎷岊唹闁稿鎸歌灃闁告侗鍠栭崜褰掓⒑缁洖澧茬紒瀣浮閹繝寮撮悢缈犵盎闂佸綊鍋婇崰鏍х摥闂備礁鎲″鍦垝閹捐钃熼柨婵嗩槸缁犺崵鈧娲栧ú銊╊敊閹烘鈷戦柛婵嗗濠€浼存煟閳哄﹤鐏︾€规洘妞藉畷鐔碱敍濮橀硸妲梻浣瑰濡礁螞閸曨垰浼犻柧蹇撳帨閸嬫挾鎲撮崟顒傤槰闂佹悶鍔屽锟犳偘椤斿槈鐔兼嚃閳哄喛绱叉繝纰樻閸ㄤ即骞栭锝囩彾閻庯綆鍠楅埛鎺懨归敐鍜佹綗闁逞屽厴閸嬫捇姊虹粙娆惧剱闁圭懓娲?Foam Padding Headboard & Footboard闂?/span>Headboard & footboard are all padded with soft sponge, you don't have to worry when your kid unguardedly bumps the boards for the super soft foam will protect your kid from getting hurt of such accident.
婵犵數濮烽弫鍛婃叏閻戝鈧倿鎸婃竟鈺嬬秮瀹曘劑寮堕幋鐙呯幢闂備浇顫夊畷妯衡枖濞戞碍顐介柕鍫濇偪瑜版帗鍋愮€瑰壊鍠栭崜浼存⒑濮瑰洤鈧倝宕板Δ鍛﹂柛鏇ㄥ灠缁犳盯鏌嶆潪鎷岊唹闁稿鎸歌灃闁告侗鍠栭崜褰掓⒑缁洖澧茬紒瀣浮閹繝寮撮悢缈犵盎闂佸綊鍋婇崰鏍х摥闂備礁鎲″鍦垝閹捐钃熼柨婵嗩槸缁犺崵鈧娲栧ú銊╊敊閹烘鈷戦柛婵嗗濠€浼存煟閳哄﹤鐏︾€规洘妞藉畷鐔碱敍濮橀硸妲梻浣瑰濡礁螞閸曨垰浼犻柧蹇撳帨閸嬫挾鎲撮崟顒傤槰闂佹悶鍔屽锟犳偘椤斿槈鐔兼嚃閳哄喛绱叉繝纰樻閸ㄧ敻濡撮埀顒勬煕鐎n偅宕屾鐐村姈閹棃鏁愰崶璺烘櫗闂備浇顕х换鎺楀磻閻愬搫纾块柟鎯板Г閸?friendly Height & Non-slip Feet闂?/span>Built with low bed edge to help your little one get on and out of bed much more easily, it's also a suitable height for kids. What's more, the support feet of this bed is adjustable, so you can adjust the bed according to your child's height and need. And the anti-slip design ensures the stability of this kids bed and can protect the floor from scratches.
婵犵數濮烽弫鍛婃叏閻戝鈧倿鎸婃竟鈺嬬秮瀹曘劑寮堕幋鐙呯幢闂備浇顫夊畷妯衡枖濞戞碍顐介柕鍫濇偪瑜版帗鍋愮€瑰壊鍠栭崜浼存⒑濮瑰洤鈧倝宕板Δ鍛﹂柛鏇ㄥ灠缁犳盯鏌嶆潪鎷岊唹闁稿鎸歌灃闁告侗鍠栭崜褰掓⒑缁洖澧茬紒瀣浮閹繝寮撮悢缈犵盎闂佸綊鍋婇崰鏍х摥闂備礁鎲″鍦垝閹捐钃熼柨婵嗩槸缁犺崵鈧娲栧ú銊╊敊閹烘鈷戦柛婵嗗濠€浼存煟閳哄﹤鐏︾€规洘妞藉畷鐔碱敍濮橀硸妲梻浣瑰濡礁螞閸曨垰浼犻柧蹇撳帨閸?/span>emium Velvet Surface闂?/span>Surfaced with premium soft velvet surface, this kids bed is comfortable for your little ones to sleep.



Our children's bed has a unique strawberry appearance design that will appeal to your children and attract them to spend their rest time in this small bed. It is made of the selected high quality P2 splint and MDF, which are premium for children. The firm construction ensures its stability. Besides, appropriate size and height is suitable for your child to get on and out of bed. In addition, the adjustable anti-slip feet ensures the safety of the bed and protect your floor the same time. This is the bed that you are looking for!



Cute strawberry and three-dimensional leaf design attract children'S attention

Bright colors and cute little details allow children to go to bed on time

Ultra-soft velvet protects your child from being hurt when they around

Consisting of P2 splints and MDF, it is very robust to use

Height adjustable feet can be adjusted according to child's need

Non-slip design ensures stability and protects the floor from scratches

Rugged construction allows it to withstand 440lbs of weight



Color: Pink

Materials: Velvet,P2 splint, MDF, 20 density sponge

Item Dimensions: 79'' x 42'' x 32'' (L x W x H)

Item Weight: 60 lbs

Weight Capacity: 440 LBS

Package includes:

1 x Kids Wooden Bed

1 x User's Manual

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